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When it comes to the purchase of a house, removal is one of the most delicate and challenging moments: if moving your life in a new home is certainly exciting, it is also true that it is a circumstance full of fatigue and stress.
At Carpe Mundi we decided to provide the removal service to make this transition easier, both from a practical and psychological point of view. We collaborate with some specialized companies and for the moment it is a service exclusively dedicated to buying and selling and is located inside the island of Fuerteventura.

Why choose a company that specializes in moving?

  • Equipment and experience: a specialized company employs experienced personnel to avoid the most common mistakes such as packing issues, main cause of breakages or damages; the move is also quick, thanks to the use of specific machines that allow you to deliver furniture to any floor.
  • Insurance: if something happens to the goods, the company is obliged to answer for it; the insurance policy, in fact, is imposed by law and allows compensation for any damage.
  • Furniture disassembly: disassembling and reassembling pieces of furniture is undoubtedly one of the most burdensome parts of the move. Relying on a specialized company means being able to delegate these operations, obtaining a fast and valid service.
  • Bureaucracy and warehouses: in removals, timing is crucial and the date of abandonment of the old building does not always match the transfer to the new, so it is often necessary to use deposits. In addition, a specialist company also takes responsibility for the handling of bureaucracy, such as any permits for the occupation of public land.

Why rely on Carpe Mundi Inmobiliaria

Carpe Mundi was born from the experiences of Graziano Tomassini, interior decorator and professional in publishing and communication fields, and Maximiliano Gonzalez, professional in renovations and woodworking. Our agency provide a complete range of real estate services: the integrated management of all services allows us to be your reference point for buying or renting, thanks to our network of professionals with whom we work profitably for a long time.

We speak your language!

English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian.

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