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Renovation and decoration

Renovation and decoration services are dedicated to customers who want to renew the purchased property.
For those who have the intention to restructure the property, Carpe Mundi acts as an intermediary with companies with which we cooperate for some time.
Our partner companies are made up of experienced professionals in restructuring activities and are based here in Fuerteventura, to facilitate as much as possible all operations, making them fluid and fast.

Need to renovate your new property?

We rely on several restructuring companies, in order to offer a service as wide and varied as possible: each company has its own peculiarities and its strengths, and our goal is to meet the needs of our customers with the most suitable company.
We will address you to the best company to achieve the result you dream of.

Our partner companies deal with:

  • Ordinary maintenance: all works that do not alter the existing building, such as painting, repairs and replacements of floors or windows, bathroom renovation, etc.
  • Extraordinary maintenance: allows operations on even structural parts of buildings, allowing modification. Some examples are reconstruction of stairs or ramps, construction of fences or gates, energy efficiency, demolition or displacement of internal walls etc.
  • Restorations: it concerns the functionality of a building, while preserving its structural and formal elements. The restoration activities aim at the conservation of buildings of historical and artistic nature.
  • Building renovations: these are interventions such as the fractionation of real estate units, demolition and reconstruction, the construction of elevators or external stairs, the transformation of ancillary surfaces into habitable surfaces (attic, basement, etc.).
  • Interior design and decoration: we collaborate with different designers and decorators that will support you in the design of spaces and in the choice of furniture, colors, materials and lighting.

Why rely on Carpe Mundi Inmobiliaria

Carpe Mundi was born from the experiences of Graziano Tomassini, interior decorator and professional in publishing and communication fields, and Maximiliano Gonzalez, professional in renovations and woodworking. The background of our founding members is rooted in design and in the world of renovations: as an intermediary agency, we have a particular sensitivity towards beauty and aesthetics, for this reason we are very keen to be the bridge that unites your ideal of home and the company that can help you achieve it.

We speak your language!

English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian.

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