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Holiday rentals

The management of holiday rentals is a complex activity, rich in specific tasks and facets. To ensure that renting a property becomes a real and profitable investment, it is necessary to better coordinate all related services, from the creation of advertisements for tenants, to documentation up to the management of guests during the stay.
Carpe Mundi is your partner in the management of holiday rentals in all its phases: everything will be done in full compliance with local laws on tourist activity.

Need to rent your property?

How do we manage the holiday rentals? We do not just publish ads on tourist portals, but we carry out and manage all related activities such as:

  • Drafting of the texts of the ads, according to the logic of real estate copywriting;
  • Execution of a professional photo shooting;
  • Publication of advertisements on the main online reference portals;
  • Accounting management for the owner;
  • Constant market analysis over time, to have an always adequate rent price;
  • Management of all documentation in order to prevent irregularities;
  • Daily management of the guests during the night, from the reservation to the check-out;
  • Development of both promotional newsletters and information collection useful for the creation of future campaigns;
  • professional cleaning service;
  • Property management and fast resolution of any related problem.

Are you looking for a rental property?

Are you looking for a rental property? Check out our ad page now, or write to us for more information.

Why rely on Carpe Mundi Inmobiliaria

Carpe Mundi was born from the experiences of Graziano Tomassini, interior decorator and professional in publishing and communication fields, and Maximiliano Gonzalez, professional in renovations and woodworking. We use an all-in-one software to manage all the portals simultaneously, we’re able to manage reservations with reserved coupons. We firmly believe in maximum transparency: the owner will have dedicated access to the management software, to allow him to constantly monitor our work and his investment. Our management does not want to be one-way: we are always available to exchange ideas and considerations, to improve our range of services.

We speak your language!

English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian.

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